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Lip Blush

$250 **Touch-up after 6 weeks included

Elevate your appeal with Sublime Medical Esthetics Lip Blush service. Our expert technician delicately enhance your lip color, adding a touch of subtle glamour to your look.

Step into a realm of captivating sophistication!

What is Lip Blush?


Lip blush, a cosmetic lip tattooing treatment, involves the insertion of pigments beneath the surface layer of your lip skin. This procedure offers various styles and can serve multiple purposes.


Aside from enhancing the natural lip color or achieving a desired hue, lip blush can also lighten dark lips, impart a warmer tone, and even camouflage scars.


It's worth noting that modern techniques use PMU (Permanent Makeup) pigments instead of tattoo ink. Consequently, the lip tattoo is semi-permanent, gradually fading over time. To maintain its freshness, occasional touch-ups are required.

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